Intern this Summer with America’s Unofficial Ambassadors!  

Receive up to 4 academic credits, gain professional experience, earn a Certificate in Citizen Diplomacy, and make a difference, while having a life-changing experience in Indonesia,Morocco, Tajikistan, or Zanzibar.

Spend your summer working with autistic children in downtown Dushanbe, teaching English in the Mid-Atlas Mountains of Morocco, or producing a documentary that raises awareness of HIV in the winding streets of Stone Town, Zanzibar. Over the last three years, 49 exceptional students and recent graduates from 22 different colleges and universities have served as unofficial ambassadors to the Muslim World through our Summer Service Internship program.  Each intern earns hands-on professional experience with a non-governmental organization or school in Asia, Africa, or the Middle East.  Our unofficial ambassadors work in diverse fields, while also studying the local language and culture and serving as citizen diplomats between the United States and the Muslim World.

RSVP here to attend an informational webinar on Thursday, October 29th at 12:30 PM.
Click here to download an application and to learn more information about program dates, application deadlines, and internship placements.

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