ACES 2016 Call for Papers

ACES Call for Papers

Graduate students, faculty, and independent scholars are cordially invited to submit abstracts of papers addressing all topics pertaining to Central Eurasian Studies. For the purposes of this conference, Central Eurasian Studies refers to the study of the historical and contemporary Afghan, Balto-Finnic, Hungarian, Iranian, Mongolic, Tibetan, Tungusic, and Turkic peoples, languages, cultures, and states. Submission of pre-organized panels is strongly encouraged. Individual papers are also welcome and will be assigned by the Conference Committee to a suitable panel. All proposals will be subject to a double-blind review process.

The deadline for abstract submissions is November 4th.

The ACES Conference is interdisciplinary in nature with panels and papers from the humanities as well as Social Sciences. A few of our past panel themes include:

• International Relations of Soviet and Post-Soviet Central Asia
• Constructing Modern Mongolian Identity
• Energy and Environmental Policy in Inner Asia
• Tibetan History and Culture
• Market Building as Nation Building in Central Asia: Entrepreneurs, Markets, and Morals
• Society and Politics in Contemporary Hungary
• Discourses in Afghan Society
• Islamic Shrines and Hagiography
• Sexuality in the Islamic World
• Early Persian Theology and Philosophy
• Aspects of Imperial and Soviet Rule in Central Asia
• Geography in Mongolian Historiography

Proposals with abstracts should be submitted via this link: or emailed as an attachment to with name, institutional affiliation, and contact information.

ACES will notify applicants of conference acceptance before December 5th, 2015. Please remember that the submission of a proposal and a notification of acceptance for a presentation represents a commitment to participate in the conference unless the applicant gives immediate notification of a time conflict.


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